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ScottCastScottCast #3 – Here is the third episode of ScottCast! In this 40 minute show, I talk about the standards for good character design and then I talk about and play a few audio treats to get your imagination working! Give it a listen!

ScottCast #2 – Episode 2 is about 42 minutes long and I cover a lot of ground! I talk about Scooby; my anniversary working with the dog; finding your interest in art and how to distill your interest in art back to it’s creative center; why old movies were better in terms of storytelling and how to observe and not just see what you watch. Plus, I talk about having a ‘Plan B’; broadening your artistic view; and I read an article about graphic design that all aspiring designers should hear! Mixed with music, and hopefully, fun information…it’s a Hoot!

ScottCast #1 – This episode is around 15 minutes tops and it’s a shorter one since it’s more of an introduction to what I want to do. I talk about what my favorite cartoon is, I read a great post about people who hire artists and I talk about the lack of artistic knowledge in the general business white collar world. There will be longer ones and I’ll be talking about all kinds of art related things from my personal experiences that I think art students would find interesting about the business such as the business side of art, tools of the trade, character designing, advertising yourself, finding your niche in art, Learning to be well rounded and having a Plan B!

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